Thank you for your support

After the yearly Board meeting, a conclusion was made that full commitment to the current P2P Investment platform would be a better strategic move, this is why a decision was made to end the ICO project. This choice was influenced by the rapid growth of FASTINVEST P2P investment platform in 2018, as well as all Global FinTech industry combined. According to our data, customers showed more interest in the P2P investment platform than in the cryptocurrency investment project.

FASTINVEST want to thank everyone who believed in the project and followed it’s progress. To show gratitude for every ICO investor, FASTINVEST will refund every investor with their cryptocurrency investment. As well all the Affiliate Commission will be transferred to the provided Ethereum wallets. Please get acquainted with the terms & conditions of Refund/Return policy to successfully carry out the Refund/Return process.

All the communication regarding the Refund/Return should be directed directly to

ICO website domain will be closed from 2019 January 11th. You will be able to log in to your accounts through

Read the Refund/Return Policy